Services .

We are specialized in distributing second-hand digital printing machines installation and reliable on-site service encluded.

A full-service carefree package for user.



Machines can be inspected in our warehouse.
These explicitly selected machines are maintained, completely cleaned and ready for operation. Some recently advertised machines may not have been transfered to our facility yet and are still remaining in their previous location waiting to be dispatched.




You can rely on professional know-how
and many years of experience.
We dispose of a large spare part-stock

and an excellent qualified, dependable service personnel.
If you face any technical problem with your machine,  you would like to move it to an other location or you plan to sell it, don´t hasitate to
contact us.




We know exactly that there are big differences in quality between sale methods and conditions. We are always working to make our customer happy and to ensure transparency during the whole purchasing process.

We are known for our high technical performance and our fair prices.

Partnership and professional attitude are our number one priority to satisfy our customers needs.


We craft elegent solutions with powerful technology

We guarantee a high level of technical quality by dismantling or installing your machine.
High quality standards apply to all our jobs and projects.
For all our orders we have the necessary equipment and scientific knowledge to complete your order to your fullest satisfaction.



Our customers come first

...this sentence speaks for itself...
we hope you see our aims to build up sustainable cooperations.

At least...

there is only one thing left...
to say THANK YOU to all of our customer, who have been placed their trust in us over the years.
We look forward to strengthen the relation-ship with existing customers and we hope also to gain new customer after demonstrating our multifaceted competences and skills for this job.



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